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Opioid Crisis in Our Community
Dear Newtown Friends and Neighbors,

This link takes you to information about the opioid crisis in our community and surrounding areas.  Please take a few minutes to examine The Overdose Map, and understand that from 2009 -2014 we experienced 13 cases of fatal overdose among our Newtown residents.  Also, please recognize that data from 2014-through to today will evidence even more such events.

There is no denying that we are in the grip of a significant public health crisis; a crisis that shows no signs of abating; a crisis that is robbing our town and all of CT and states beyond of young and not-so-young folks who are imprisoned in a habit of drug use that threatens their lives and which creates great disruption and emotional pain for their families and loved ones.
 Also please take a few minutes to consider the Recommendations created by the Western Connecticut Council of Governments, of which Newtown is an active participant in the below attachment. These recommendations along with other actions need to be part of a formal plan to combat this crisis.
I am calling on all caring folks to get informed, get involved, help propel this issue to our public consciousness.

We will soon bring together all the related agencies and departments in an effort to better focus our response.  There will be no one singular action or answer to this problem, it will take many hands in a variety of ways to lift this burden.  And we will reach out to all Newtowners to be part of the solution.    

E. Patricia Llodra, First Selectman
Newtown, CT