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Regular Monthly Meeting
Newtown Board of Fire Commissioners
January 24, 2011
Sandy Hook Fire Department
Called to Order at 7:00 p.m.

Commissioners Present:  Burton, Cragin, Dugan, Goosman, Jossick, and McCulloch

Absent: Wlasuk

Marshal’s Present:  Halstead and Ober

Minutes – no minutes to approve due to no quorum.

Correspondence to:
Date            To/From                         Subject                                         

Correspondence from:
Date            To/From                         Subject                                         
1.  1/2/11      Tait/Cragin                     Grant Money for second half.

Public Participation – None

Fire Marshals Report:

Halstead reported:
  • For the month of November there were 85 calls, 418 incidents and 454 hours worked.   $140 for permits collected.
  • Total damage was $1,087,500.00 for the month of November.
  • For the month of December there 104 calls, 382 incidents 455 hours.  $70 for permits collected.
  • Fire drills at the Adventure Center – Frampton
  • Fire alarm testing at the high school – Ober
  • In 2013 the narrow banding goes into effect.  It will affect the Minitor IV pagers.  Minitor V’s can be adjusted.  Halstead will find out for next month.
Standing Committees:

Budget – the Selectman are reviewing 2011-2014 budget this month.  Legislative Council discussed the CIP.  No other requests were discussed besides the NH&L Fire House.  Borough Zoning meeting tonight on the NH&L fire house.

Truck – McCulloch reported:

  • Tire chains for #21 were bought through the town.  Hurley asked for a workup sheet on our spending to assist with budgeting purposes.
  • #114 tires were ordered and replaced on the command car.
  • Gowans and Knight – DOT and pump testing should be almost complete.   Few minor issues that were fixed.   Town trucks being superbly maintained.
  • There is a buyer for the old #221 out of Arkansas.  The truck was sold on a website.  $13,500K.  The check has been located and the money will be used to buy Hurst Tool equipment.  It was advertised on two websites for over six months and was sold through  Advertised on Fire Tek.
  • Botsford #551 was damaged on call on New Lebbon Road– no injuries.  Looking at quotes for damage done to driver’s side rear of the truck.
  • Yankee Ingenuity bill being taken care of.
Radio – no report

Policy and Procedures – no report

Hydrant –
  • Steve Murphy stated that Holmes Farm Road hydrant needs inspection.
  • Joe Farrell stated that Old Hawlevyille Road hydrant needs repair. McCarthy stated that to repair this hydrant is too costly.  
Purchasing Agent – date for gear sizing will take place soon.  All 5” hose that failed hose testing will be replaced.  Response Improvement Program – 1099’s have been passed out.  Using a different form is not available.  Current quarter checks will be out by week’s end.  Last quarter was very high due to number of incidents.   $86K budgeted the beginning of year.  $59K spent in the first two quarters.  Budget committee did put more money in the current budget.  This needs to be addressed to determine how drivers will be paid.  Should Finance restore some of the funding upfront or make a transfer?  Cragin asked that the budget committee make a decision and report back at next month’s meeting on how to proceed.

NUSAR – no report.

Old Business:    None

New Business:

MOTION:  Burton made a motion to approve Sandy Hook’s training request in the amount of $714.00 for EMT Refresher, EMT Course, 26 CPR cards and training manual Truck Co. Operator 2nd edition.  
SECONDED:  Goosman

MOTION:  Burton made a motion to approve $550.00 for Newtown Hook & Ladder’s training request for EMR refresher for one student; and EMT Class.  
SECONDED:  Goosman

MOTION:  Goosman made a motion to approve Hawleyville’s training request in the amount of $225.00 for Collapse Rescue and High Pressure Air Bag Rescue.  
SECONDED:  Jossick

MOTION: Dugan made a motion to approve Botsford Fire and Rescue’s training request in the amount of $125.00 for Rental fee Danbury burn building on 11/13/10 and $350.00 for Rental fee Danbury burn building on 12/18/10.  SECONDED:  Goosman

No change to current Seat Belt Policy.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Hennessey
Terry Hennessey
Secretary BOFC