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Regular Monthly Meeting
Newtown Board of Fire Commissioners
August 22, 2011
Newtown Hook and Ladder
Called to Order at 7:05 p.m.

Commissioners Present:                   Burton, Cragin, Dugan, Jossick and McCulloch.
Absent:                                 Halstead, Goosman and Wlasuk
Marshal’s Present:              Frampton, Ober and Zilinek


MOTION: Dugan made a motion to approve the minutes of June 27th as presented.
SECONDED:  Jossick

Correspondence to:
Date            To/From                         Subject                                         
7/23/11         Cragin/Aurelia                  Submission of Annual Report
8/15/11         Cragin/K. Halstead              List of Officers for SH 2011-2012
8/15/11         Cragin/Will                     Firehouse Software Support Maintenance Agreement

Correspondence from:
Date            To/From                         Subject                                         
6/29/11         Tate/Cragin                     Award bid to Gowans and McKnight for replacement                                                        of tanker #339.
8/2/11          Lions Club/Cragin                       Lion’s Club Thank you for Donation
8/4/11          Tait/Cragin                     First Half Letter

Fire Marshals Report:

Frampton reported:    For the month of June there were 436 hours, 458 incidents and 166 calls.  Total loss for the month was $2,040,000.  

  • Boggs Hill Road bridge work pushed back.  Not sure of date.
  • Hanover Road – construction location near route 84.  Will advise when more information is available.
  • Please shut Main office down when asked to shut off power.
For the month of July there were 417.5 hours, 368 incidents and 85 calls.  Total loss for the month $95,000.
  • Summary of calls for July, 2010 through June 30, 2011, were submitted to the BOFC for the annual report.
Standing Committees:
Budget – Burton reported that we will begin the budget process for next year.  Burton would like to receive the budgets from all chiefs in September.  There will most likely be no increases.

The CIP plan has not been changed for the fire department.

Truck – McCulloch reported:
  • Command Car – had wiring issues.
  • Hawleyville Brush Truck #333 no longer in use.
  • Issues with Botsford Light Tower - needs to be rebuilt.
  • Dodgingtown #221 received damage on fire scene.  – It is very important that all damage be reported immediately to the town and McCulloch.
  • Gowan’s to provide date on Hawleyville refurbishment.
  • Transmission services to begin soon with the town.
Radio – no report
Policy and Procedures – no report
Hydrant – no report

Purchasing Agent:    Burton reported there is a large quantity of absorbent pads available in the event of spills (located in the EOC building).  Sending out bid requests for capital items has begun.

Old Business:   
  • NH&L Building Replacement – Manna reported that appeals are still pending.  Some other options include:
  • Redeveloping existing property requiring the current building to be demolished and parking lot reconfigured (at a cost we currently don’t have funds for).
  • Moving another capital project in the CIP further out to obtain funds for new building.
  • Spare Truck – McCulloch reported Joe Farrell asked the truck committee to meet with Hawleyville to discuss their inquiry regarding the spare truck.  
  • Hawleyville would like to acquire truck for $1.  
  • Use it to replace #333 and outfit with new gear.  
  • Also can be used by any other departments if needed.
  • McCulloch feels Hawleyville should get the truck and have it available for other departments.  If not, they would then need to purchase a new truck later down the road.
  • McCulloch also stated that Hawleyville could not sell the truck for a profit at a later time.
  • Cragin commented that we don’t know the value of the truck.  Tait looking into value.  The Board needs to decide if we still want a spare truck.  Once sold Hawleyville would own the truck.  The BOFC would have no jurisdiction over it.
  • It would benefit the BOFC financially if Hawleyville did take ownership of this vehicle per Burton.
  • Dugan said to be sure that when other departments need it, that it be shared.
  • Chief White asked if there is any rush to do this as they would like time to consider this request on Dodgingtown’s behalf.
MOTION:    Jossick would like to make a motion that Hawleyville purchase the spare truck pending conversation with Bob Tait on the value of the truck and pending any other concerns.  Commissioner Jossick and McCulloch will work with the chief of Hawleyville if the motion passes.  

Cragin will work with Tait on finding out cost.

New Business:
  • Training requests:
MOTION:  McCulloch made a motion to approve NH&L’s request for $3,062.59 for Firehouse Expo 2011 registration (3 students); Hotel for expo, fuel reimbursement 536 miles, tolls and parking.

On the anniversary of 9/11 the Sandy Hook FD will have a ten year anniversary program.  All are invited to attend.
In addition, Cragin stated that the Labor Day Parade is coming up and all departments will be involved.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Terry Hennessey
Terry Hennessey
Secretary BOFC