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Regular Monthly Meeting
Newtown Board of Fire Commissioners
September 26, 2011
Called to Order at 7:01 p.m.

Commissioners Present:          Burton, Cragin, Goosman, McCulloch, Nezvesky and Wlasuk.
Absent:                                 Jossick, Frampton and Zilinek
Marshal’s Present:              Halstead and Ober

Commissioner Changes:
  • Jeff Dugan resigned – United Fire Company of Botsford
  • Rob McCulloch term expired 10/31/11 for Newtown Hook and Ladder
  • Mike Wlasuk not running for re-election.  Term expires 10/31/11. Dodgingtown to re-elect new commissioner effective 10/31/11.
  • Jay Nezvesky new commissioner for United Fire Company of Botsford.  Term expires 10/13.

MOTION: Burton made a motion to approve the minutes of August 22nd as presented.
SECONDED:  Goosman

Correspondence to:
Date            To/From                         Subject                                         
9/22/11         Cragin/Will                     Cell Tower Budget Request

Correspondence from:
Date            To/From                         Subject                                         

Fire Marshals Report:

Halstead reported for the month of August there were 442 hours, 635 incidents and 415 calls.  Total loss for the month was $24,700.00.

  • Attended MCI Meeting
  • NMS Emergency light test
  • NMS- Fire Alarm Test
  • Fire Drill at Children’s Adventure Center
  • Handled complaint of an illegal burn.
  • Assisted with school inspections
  • Fire Extinguisher training
  • Zilinek will be retiring as DFM effective 12/31/11.  Need to replace with new DFM.  Cragin requested all Fire Commissioners to inform their respective departments.  Please provide names of interested candidates at the regular monthly meeting in November.
Standing Committees:

Budget – Burton reported that he has requested budgets from all fire departments.  As of 9/26 he has only received Sandy Hook, NH&L, and Fire Marshal’s.  Need to have missing budgets submitted immediately.    BOFC has not received official correspondence on the CIP plan.

Truck – McCulloch reported:

  • Transmission services will be performed by Atlantic Detroit Diesel.  
  • Annual Pump Service will be performed by Gowans and Knight.  
  • Hawleyville Tanker work started last week.  Delayed due to hurricane and other schedule issues.
  • Hawyleville/Spare Truck transfer shall be completed this month.  Original title not located.
Radio – no report

Policy and Procedures – Cragin reported the tax abatement program for volunteer fire and ambulance personnel was discussed at the Legislative Council meeting.  NUSAR was added to program.  A problem was revealed that the Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Association has been included in the program over the years, and that the Board does not qualify for the program.  The Ambulance Corp has bypassed annual certifications by not submitting to the BOFC.  The First Selectman is looking into the situation.

Hydrant – no report

Purchasing Agent:    Burton reported hose testing will take place in November at Sandy Hook.  Bills for tropical storm, Irene, will be coming in soon.  Food costs, additional pumps, and generator service included.  Firematic will contact fire chiefs for Hurst tools.

Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire and Rescue Roof Bid:

MOTION:   Goosman moved to accept the low bid for SHVF&R roof repair from Mark Edwards Roofing in the amount of $39,945.00

NUSAR – six new drivers have been certified.

Old Business:   None

New Business:

  • Annual Dinner Meeting will take place 10/24/11 at the Iron Bridge Restaurant in Sandy Hook at 6:00 p.m.
  • Training requests:
MOTION:  Wlasuk moved to request reimbursement in the amount of $247.49 for tropical storm, Irene, food with the amendment that it needs to be submitted on Dodgingtown department letterhead.  
SECONDED:  Goosman

MOTION:  Goosman moved to request reimbursement for Botsford Fire and Rescue in the amount of $188.83 for tropical storm, Irene, food for Stand by Members.

MOTION:  Goosman moved to approved registration fees for six members to attend the Firehouse Expo in Baltimore, Maryland, in the amount of $2,630.00, and to approve hotel costs for six members for the Firehouse Expo in Baltimore, Maryland, in the amount of $3,036.00.
SECONDED:  McCulloch

MOTION:  Burton moved to accept SHVF&R request for EMT refresher and 12 MRT course books for students in the amount of $870.00.
SECONDED:  Goosman

MOTION:  McCulloch moved to accept NH&L’s request in the amount of $375.00 for MRT/EMR certification course for three students.

MOTION:  McCulloch moved to accept NH&L’s request in the amount of $179.53 for food from Tropical Storm Irene.  

MOTION:  Goosman moved to accept Fire Marshal’s training request for Bob Nute in the amount of $280.00 on 10/27 and 10/28.  Formal request on letterhead to follow from Fire Marshal’s office.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Hennessey
Terry Hennessey
Secretary BOFC