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ROOM 129

CALL TO ORDER:  S. Young began the meeting at 7:30 pm.  Members present:  S. Young,
B. Piepho, J. Simmons, B. Boodry, B. Woerner, S. Howard, J. Briody, G. Pettricone,
S. Bowman and J. Ginnetty

Absent Members:  R. Carley, S. Ward, and L. Leaden

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Regular Meeting held November 2, 2010:  A motion was made by B. Boodry, seconded by S. Bowman, to approve the minutes from the Lake Lillinonah Regular Meeting held November 2, 2010 as written.  Motion was passed unanimously.

INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS:  S. Young introduced J. Tinley, Friends of the Lake.

CHAIRMAN:  S. Young stated that the minutes are available from the Lake Advisory Committee Meeting from First Light Power.  Minutes were minimal and will be posted on Google docs.   

FIRST VICE CHAIRMAN:  B. Boodry stated that he has not received a copy of the police report from New Milford regarding the recent drowning at Lover’s Leap.  The DEP will be releasing their report and B. Boodry will obtain a copy for the next LLA Meeting in January 2011.

SECOND VICE CHAIRMAN:  J. Simmons stated that calls have been coming in from
call-em-all.  J. Simmons suggested adding text notification and/or email to call-em-all.  
TREASURER:  J. Briody stated the he has received and deposited town contributions from Brookfield and Roxbury. Newtown and New Milford contributions have been received, but not deposited as of this date.  He also stated that he processed all the paperwork for the return of the 319 grant money.  J. Briody sent G. Knoecklein several reminders regarding the $740.00 owed for
K. Seeley.  He also reported that the purchase order for the purchase of the new boat has been sent to Doug Notoce.  J. Briody reported on the expenses for the month of November 2010.

1.  Election of Officers:  S. Young asked all members if there is anyone they would like to nominate for Chairman, First Vice Chairman, Second Vice Chairman, and Treasurer.  There were no nominations from the floor.  J. Ginnetty made a motion, seconded by S. Howard, to accept the Election of Officers slate as presented.  Motion was passed unanimously.  

     The newly elected officers are as follows:
        Brian Boodry                    Chairman                        2 Year Term
           Greg Pettricone                       First Vice Chairman               1 Year Term
           Jerry Simmons                        Second Vice Chairman           1 Year Term
           Steven Bowman                      Treasurer                                 1 Year Term

Preliminary Lake Lillinonah Meeting Minutes-Tuesday, December 7, 2010           Page Two
S. Young stated that R. Carley, S.Ward, and L. Leaden have voted the same via their absentee ballots.
B. Boodry thanked all for his nomination as Chairman.  At this time, Chairman Boodry will preside over the remainder of the meeting.  

2.  Sale of Edgewater Boat:  B. Boodry asked if anyone from the Lake Lillinonah Authority or if anyone knows of anybody from their town that would be interested in purchasing the Edgewater Boat.  The response was no.  B. Boodry asked all members if they were in agreement to selling the Edgewater Boat to Echo Bay Marina.  All members were in favor of the sale. A bill of sale will be drawn up with the following contingency on the sale.  This contingency would include the removal of blue strobe lights, radio, pa system, and signage from the boat.  S. Young stated that there is no title for this vessel.

3.  Annual Marine Patrol Report:  A motion was made by S. Young, seconded by G. Pettricone,
    to table Agenda Item # 3; under New Business until the LLA January 2011 meeting.  Motion
    was passed unanimously.

1.  Sediment Sampling:  B. Piepho stated he would like to wait until the spring to make a decision
    with regard to sediment sampling.  S. Young stated that has not heard back from J. Klue with a
     date proposed by USGS to do an additional presentation on informal loading on Lake Lillinonah                 
     and possible funding for a jointly funded study.  The result would determine whether or not to do
     an alum application.  

2.  Vacancies in Newtown-2, Southbury-1, Roxbury-1, Bridgewater-1:  B. Boodry reported
     the following vacancies; Newtown-2, Southbury-1, Roxbury-1, and Bridgewater-1.  B. Piepho
     stated that he thought someone from Southbury had sent in a letter of intent for the Southbury

S. Young thanked all for the opportunity to act in the capacity of Chairman.  He asked all members to support B. Boodry with their knowledge of all aspects of Lake Lillinonah.  S. Young thanked
G. Pettricone for his assistance in procuring a boat for the Lake Lillilnonah Authority.  He also reported that he visited his Town Hall to inquire about taking a leave of absence from the Authority; which he was informed would not be an issue,  and that when he returns he would retain the Roxbury seat.  S. Young would like to return to the Authority in a capacity working on all mechanicals of the lake; ie. water treatments, marine patrol  (liaison between Lake Lillinonah Authority and K. Seeley) and buoys.  S. Young stated that he will be available to answer any questions the Authority might have.  In closing, S. Young encouraged all to use Google docs.

J. Tinley, Friends of the Lake, thanked S. Young on behalf of Friends of the Lake for all his hard work and partnership.  He also stated that he looks forward to working the B. Boodry as Chairman and the new Board.  J. Tinley reported that there will be a meeting on December 15, 2010 regarding Zebra Mussels.

S. Young read a letter he wrote to the State of CT, Department of Environmental Protection Boating Division regarding the GLEON buoy.

ADJOURNMENT:  A motion was made by S. Young, seconded by J. Simmons, to adjourn the meeting.  Motion was passed unanimously.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.