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Employee Safety Committee
December 7, 2011
Newtown Senior Center

In attendance: Carole Ross, Chairman, Linda O’Masta, Linda Bradley-Gillette, Rob Sibley, Arlene Miles, Cathy Monckton, Bob McCulloch, George Tammaro and Marion Chamberlain from CIRMA.

Mrs. Ross opened the meeting at 10:00am.

Review of injury reports:       This quarter 7 accidents were reported.  A discussion took place regarding the various reports and the 2 storms.  Half of the injuries were storm related which the committee felt was remarkable.    

Training:    Mrs. Ross was unable to pull together the training records for the departments.  Mr. Tamarro will do that for any CIRMA training that was done.  Mrs. Ross will continue to work on gathering the information.

Old business:  Mr. Tamarro reported on the loss runs.  There were 40 injuries from July 2010 until present.  A discussion took place regarding how we compare to area towns and the report itself.  Slips & falls seemed to be more prevalent and we will work on that training aspect.

Building concern:  Mrs. Monckton has a concern regarding the walkway between the parking lots at the North end of the building.  She stated that a crosswalk and signs should be posted to slow traffic.  Mrs. Ross will look into this.  She also mentioned the walkway up to the building and the heaving of the cement.  We will monitor that to see if it occurs this winter.        
Building Inspection:  The inspection of the Senior Center took place.  The biggest area of great concern is the lack of storage for maintenance equipment. At present it is kept in the furnace/electrical room.  There does not appear to any room inside the building to store.  Mrs. Ross will discuss this with Mr. Hurley and the First Selectman.  Mr. McCulloch will complete the report and forward it to the committee for their review.  

The next meeting will be held on March 7th, 2012 at the Public Works garage.
Meeting adjourned at 10:55 am

Carole Ross