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What is this study about?
The Town of Newtown, with assistance from the Housatonic Valley Council of Elected Officials (HVCEO) initiated this study to identify transportation concerns in the Queen Street Study Area and to evaluate improvement concepts that may address these concerns.

Where is the Queen Street Study Area?
The study focuses on Queen Street, Glover Avenue, and parts of Church Hill Road, Main Street, South Main Street, Commerce Road and Mile HIll Road.

What are some of the key study issues?
To address traffic congestion, vehicular and pedestrian safety, excess speeds and confused intersection layouts.

What is the status of the project?
The study consultant, Vollmer Associates LLP, has presented preliminary findings and improvement options to the study's advisory committee, which is comprised of  Town representatives, area residents and HVCEO staff.

What are some of the preliminary improvement options?
Traffic calming devices, such as speed tables and gentle speed humps, crosswalks, sidewalks, intersection signalization, roundabouts, and other intersection geometric revisions.

Need more information?
See the presentation that was given at the May 4, 2006 workshop.  It is provided here as an Adobe PDF.  It is recommended that you save this file to your hard drive as it is rather large.  MAY 4, 2006 WORKSHOP PRESENTATION--ADOBE PDF 1.7 MB.

If you have further comments or questions Contact Kermit Hua, PE, Vollmer Associates LLP at 203-281-1350, or